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Here is my current version 6/30/2011 of  AMEP (AutoCAD MEP Customizations 2011-2012) KewlToyZ AMEP.

For now its just holding some files for helping me debug models to place into BtRL.

BtRL - Beyond the Red Line is a fan based open source game based upon the Free Space Open platform.

The goal is to create a Battlestar Galactica Re-Imagined series fighter and cap ship based universe for Single Missions/Campaigns and Multi-Player based game play.

My contributions are going to be of my own fictional creation for the gaps the new series hasn't really covered.

Below is my first attempt at creating a ship for the game. 
The (more images) link is the final game version as far as I want to go with it.
It handles extremely touchy and makes targeting tough at times.
Its also very fast but not too easy to slow down.

The Viper Mark 5 - A prelude to the StealthStar's development.
Atmospheric transitions were much more common in the peace after the first Cylon war for the fighter based military role.
The constant temperature of atmospheric entry exposure increased the need for composites to handle the stress & strain in a more cost effective means.
A fourth engine was added to aid in the new role the Viper faced to both have the extra boost necessary,
 as well as economize fuel usage in both environments through transitional based air advantages for combustion to the vacuum of space.
The Engines design consisted of four scramjet/impulse engines circulating to a central Tyllium reactor with a main central vent system used as an extremely high volume afterburner system.

Due to a glitch in engineering, the initial release of the craft to the first squadron had specified wiring the throttle for afterburners in reverse.
The pilots in their zeal to test the boundaries had found themselves stuck in full acceleration.
Combine that with the Tyllium reactor and the jocks aptly nicknamed it the "Nugget Guided Missile" or "NGM" for short.
Due to the Covert Operations standing of the Mark 5, discussion of its existence or even piloting it was classified.
Leaking out any information regarding it or its intended use resulted in never being heard from again in any official capacity as a pilot.

It also became necessary for the Colonies to monitor each other due to Political strains and controversy. Stealth became an inevitable role.
The fighter jocks roles fell into conducting routine patrols, guarding high ranking officials, reconnaissance, monitoring piracy in the wake of the Cylon war, and of course Stealth based recon.
As the Viper continued to improve and change design companies the 4 engine based variant was renamed to the StealthStar by the time the Mk VII Viper made its debut.

I have multiple versions of 3D files I'm trying to employ some help with debugging conversions to the FS2 POF file format.

Mouse over the image for a description and click to download the files if you like.
The model files are on the left                                The BtRL game files are on the right. (more images)



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